Release: 19th October 2016

Post-call experience feature introduced

In the Global settings (My Settings > Global > Telephony Settings) a new feature has been added which allows users to determine post-call experience for a caller. Often used to offer further services such as a post-call survey, any application can be entered in this field.

For example: if, whilst speaking to an agent, the customer agrees to partake in a quick automated survey after the call, the application specified here will be the start of this experience once the agent has ended their call leg.

The consumer leg will continue on to this (series of) application(s) - this can be anything a user wishes, such as an IVR menu/input or further call/SMS services.



2-way SMS conversations

Customers on all babelforce plans now have the ability to make use of our 2-way SMS integration with Zendesk. Using the new Event type SMS sent in conjuction with the Append to ticket option in the SMS tab of the babelConnect app, users can now get all inbound SMS messages from one number into one ticket alongside outbound messages sent by agents.

Users can also control when to automatically stop adding new inbound messages to an existing ticket and instead open a new ticket.  




SMS view added

A new SMS view has been added and is available under Reporting > SMS. In this area users can view all inbound and outbound SMS in their account. SMS messages can be filtered by type and state. 



babelConnect app updates

Various UI improvements have been made to the new babelConnect 1.8 app to help with the busy detect features as well as agent availability status controls. babelConnect 1.8 is now available to customers on our babelFlex pricing plan. For more information email us at

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