How to use Input Reader variables in triggers for agent selections

If you store input variables in your Input Reader applications, a useful thing to do is to use them in trigger conditions and to use these triggers to define rules for agent selections. In real world terms, this means routing a call to certain agents based on what a caller has entered in an Input Reader.

The article linked above shows how to configure input variables for a simple IVR menu. The DTMF inputs asked for (1, 2 and 3) correspond to service types. These service types have groups of agents assigned to them. The below setup will show how to route a call to the "SALES" group if number "1" is pressed by a caller.  

First, we will need to use our variable ("myInput") as a trigger condition. The trigger will fire if "myInput" (the DTMF input) is "1":

Now that the trigger is saved and ready for use, we need to implement it in an agent selection for the main queue of agents. In 'My Settings' > 'Queues' we select the correct queue and hit 'Edit'. This brings up the 'Agent Selections' section at the bottom of the page. 

Once you have clicked 'Add selection' to bring up a new selection, you will be asked to give it a name and choose the trigger which will make the selection. We are going to call it "Call for Sales", because we want the group "SALES" to be chosen if a caller presses "1". And of course we will choose the trigger we just made ("My input trigger").

Then in order to actually make the selection, we must click on the small blue button to the right of the selection, and enter the desired agent group in the appropriate field which appears:

As long as there are agents which are assigned to the group "SALES", it will appear as an option. After the selection has been saved and the queue has been routed to somewhere in the call flow, our input variable will be stored and used to make the "SALES" selection.  

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