Updating tickets for out-of-hours calls

Your helpdesk tickets for calls which are received outside business hours can be updated and controlled using tags, just as with normal calls. The only difference is that when you have already set your business hours rules/calendar, you don't want to have to implement new triggers based on these rules into all of your events, in order for them to be taken into account, especially when performing actions on tickets.

The most efficient and scale-friendly way to update these kind of calls is to combine a tag in babelforce with an automation in your helpdesk (e.g. Zendesk). 

A classic example of this would be if we configured a global event to add a tag - say, "out_of_hours" - to a ticket if the trigger "call received out-of-hours" is fired. The trigger would look something like this:

Now that we have the trigger, however, we need to ensure that the update action (add tag) is only performed at the right time. To make sure it happens every time, we must set the event to happen upon the call finishing. It should look like this:

Not that you must use the 'Advanced' option in the 'Tags' tab at the bottom of the event settings and enter your tag into the 'Add tags' field. This will ensure that no other tags are lost or overwritten. 

This is important if you for instance use Zendesk. Once tickets are appearing with the "out_of_hours" tag, you can do whatever you like with them using Triggers and Automations in your helpcenter. 

This method makes sure you can reliably tag, control and get data reports on out-of-hours calls.

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