How to set up Counterpath's Bria 4 and Xlite softphone

This article will take you through the configuration settings of Counterpath's Bria 4 and Xlite softphones. The settings windows for each have the same options and layout, so these instructions will serve for both applications.

The following is shown for the Xlite on a Mac, but all settings options are equivalent.

  1. SIP identity

    Once you have downloaded your softphone application, open it and find the Preferences ('Settings' on a PC). In the settings window that appears, click on 'Accounts' and a drop-down window will appear with various options.

    In this new window, ensure that you are in the 'General' tab and you should see some fields below. Your 'User ID' will have been provided by babelforce and will take the format '999xxxxxxxxx'. In the 'Domain' field enter ''. Your password is also provided by babelforce – ensure that it is entered correctly. The Display name is the number that is actually shown, i.e. the valid phone number. 

    Leave all other settings in this section as they are. Correctly set up, it should look similar to the following example:


    Click 'OK' and continue.
  2. Registration expiry

    Now click on the 'Advanced' tab in the same 'Accounts' window, and change the value in the field marked 'Reregister every' from 3600 to 180. Leave all other options on their default setting. The result should look like this:

    Click 'OK' and continue to the next step.
  3. STUN/NAT traversal settings

    Next, navigate to the 'Topology' tab and make sure the following settings are configured.

    Set the 'Firewall traversal method' to 'Discover public IP address'. Below this, type into the 'Server address' field: "", and make sure that the username and password fields below this are empty:

    Again, hit 'OK' and move on to the final step.
  4. Audio codec settings

    Look up to the main Preferences window and you will see other more tabs across the top next to 'Accounts'. From these select 'Codecs' and make sure to remain in the 'Audio codecs' tab.

    Here there will be two boxes containing different codecs. You need to end up with only one codec in the 'Enabled Codecs' (right-hand) box: 'G711 aLaw'. Move codecs between boxes by selecting them and clicking the left and right arrows in between the boxes:

That's it! Your softphone is now configured for use with babelforce.

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