How to blacklist numbers

Sometimes you will want to blacklist certain numbers: recruiters, telesales, etc. There is a very simple way to do this, making use of triggers and applications to customize exactly which numbers to block and what to do with these calls.

1. You will need 1 trigger

2. You create one Prompt Player module

3. You adjust your main switch

If you want to set up blacklisting, you should already have created some call flows with babelforce and be familiar with Main Switches. Should you just be starting to set up your first call flows, we suggest reading this article first.


  1. So, you have been receiving many nuisance calls from certain numbers and have made note of them. The first thing to do is to create a trigger for them; this will allow the babelforce platform to recognise calls from those numbers.

    Navigate to 'My Settings'>'Triggers' and click 'Add Trigger' to create a new one. Give it an obvious name like "Blacklisted number" and set 'Logic type' to 'Match any trigger'. Hit 'Save' to save it first, then 'Add Condition' to bring up the condition settings. From the 'Expression' drop-down box choose 'Call from: number' and from the 'Operator' box pick 'is equal to'.

    Then simply put the number you wish to blacklist in the 'Expectation' box, making sure to enter it with its international prefix as shown. If you have multiple numbers to blacklist, add more conditions and copy the process. It should look something like this:

    Remember to click 'Save Conditions' before clicking 'Save' to save the trigger successfully

  2. Now let's decide what we would like to do with the call. If you would simply like have the call ended as soon as it enters your call flow ensure that the application's 'After flow' option is empty or set to 'none'. 

    For our example we have chosen a softer variation and created a Prompt Player application named "Goodbye prompt for Blacklist". It plays a standard "Thanks for your call..." goodbye prompt, then ends as it has no after flow:

  3. Now that this trigger is in place, you will need to add it to a Switch Node application (please find everything about the Main Switch in this article). Make sure that the trigger has the highest priority so numbers are always checked first whether or not they are blacklisted.

And that's it! When a call comes in from any of the number specified in your trigger, it will be routed to your chosen application. 

It may be useful to note that the above process will also work for 'whitelisting'. If you would like a certain process to be triggered for certain numbers - for example, so that calls from these numbers have a special experience - then create another trigger with the identical configuration. Then in the main switch application set the resulting application for this trigger to be the application or application flow of your choice. 

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