Out of hours and holiday messages in call flows

Most businesses and call centers need to play announcements (babelforce calls these prompts) on the phone when a caller phones on a public holiday or out of business hours. This article explains how to do this.

Here is an extract of a call-flow that includes the most common elements to handle out-of-hours and non-service day messages and rules:



There are 3 babelforce elements that you need to do this: business hour / calendar definitions, triggers and application modules.

  1. In Business Hours / Calendars, define the days and hours you want to use
  2. Then in triggers, create the triggers that use the Business Hours and Calendar definitions
  3. In applications, you need to use a Switch node module with the triggers from step 2 and Prompt Players to play your messages.

Let's go through the 3 steps in detail:

Step 1 - Define Business Hours and Calendars

Define business hours. Go to My Settings > Business Hours and you can create any definition of your in hours. For example here is one for timezone USA New York (East coast) and Monday to Friday 9:00 to 17:00.

And here is a Calendar definition that has only one day off specified, you can add more date by clicking "Add Date".

Note that you can specify precise dates and times that are shown in the timezone defined for the calendar and in UTC (for comparison).


Step 2 - Create Triggers using the Business Hours and Calendars

Every Business Hour and Calendar you specify will automatically appear in expressions that you can use in babelforce Triggers. Go to My Settings > Triggers.

Here is an example of a trigger to check if out of hours:

And here is a trigger to check if it is a non-service day (a holiday, closed day, ...):


Step 3 - Create call-flow application modules and use the Triggers

First, create your Prompt Players module. To do this go to My Settings > Applications.

For example, here is the "Prompts" tab of a simple Prompt Player that plays out one audio file, in this case the "sorry we are closed" type of message:

Note that you upload the audio files separately under My Settings > Prompts. Read more on audio files here.


Finally, in a Switch node module in Applications, add your triggers for each case "Out of hours", "Non service day" and route calls in these cases to the Prompt Players that play out the correct announcement audio files.

Here is an example Switch node that will go to the appropriate Prompt Player. As you can see, we only added three Trigger-Rules. If none of these apply, the caller will be let to the after flow "Welcome only - no agents enabled".


As you can see, this covers all four cases that were in the very first call flow diagram in this article:

  • Non-service day: holiday, closed day, etc.
  • Out of hours
  • Agents enabled: agents logged in for work
  • Agents not enabled: agents NOT logged in for work


That's it. Once you have this setup, then in future all you need to do to play the right announcements is to change the business hours and calendar definitions.






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