How to create a wait or queueing experience

When you call a hotline, you are usually routed to a wait music while you are waiting to be connected to the next available agent. Sometimes, the music is interrupted by a recording explaining you other great service options. Usually, after a certain time, the waiting loop ends and you might be asked to call back later, leave a message or request a callback.

You can achieve all the above with babelforce, in this article, we want to introduce you to a common simple queuing experience, to get us started:


It does this: plays some then after a little while says something to the caller and then plays the music again. Also importantly it includes a condition for leaving the queue and ending this waiting experience, i.e. once the system detects at the start of the loop that the wait time is greater than 180 seconds.

To achieve this you simply add a Prompt Player in Applications, let's call it "Looped waiting audio" and set it up like this:

1. After flow is set to the app itself to create the loop:

2. Select the music audio file and a prompt audio file that you have already uploaded:


3. Add a Post-action using a trigger to evaluate the queue wait time and throw a "Leave queue" action once the wait time is too long (in our case 180 seconds):



Now you simply use this "Looped waiting audio" within the Queue Flow application that controls the dialogue for the queue in your call-flow - Note that the "Queue Experience" field has "Looped waiting audio" selected as the application:





Finally, you have probably noticed that you could build practically any IVR flow and use it in Queue experience. This is indeed the case. You should just ensure that if your flow brings the caller outside of the queue context, then you must make sure to actually fire off the "Leave queue" or else you will have the call in the queue while you have moved on and are offering the caller something else (voicemail, call-back, automated service ...).


Have fun making Queue experiences!



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