How to call agents or teams in order - cascading queues

You can use cascading queues to prioritize the order in which agents and whole teams are called. Typical use cases for this are 

  1. calls should be taken by a first line team, but if no one answers or if no one happens to be available in that team, then calls should go to the second team anyway
  2. as in 1. above but you also have a third team who should only be used for calls when the first and second are not available or have not enough capacity to deal with calls
  3. you can also use this mechanism to set the specific agents who should be called in order for specific support lines. Small teams sometimes do this to set up a technical support process with just 2 or 3 people involved

Cascading queues are simple - basically one Queue Flow application just sets another Queue Flow application as its "After flow". And each Queue Flow application uses an actual Queue which selects the agents or agent teams.

The 1st queue sends the call to the 2nd (i.e. has it as its 'Afterflow' setting); the 2nd sends the call to the third, etc. 

Each Queue Flow application uses a separate queue:

Each actual Queue has then the appropriate selections to choose the agents or agents groups, or set of agents with tags in order to create the calling pattern you want.

For example, the 1st Queue could select the agents that are tagged with "first". Then the selections in that queue will look like this:

Finally, in order to ensure that the calls only enter each Queue if agents selected in that queue are really AVAILABLE, you need triggers like the following one:

And each such trigger is simply used as the entry condition in the particular queue - like this:

The end result will be that inbound calls will first call any agents available from those selected in the 1st queue, only if these do not answer within the time the call stays in that queue, will the call go to the 2nd Queue (as shown above with the 'Afterflow' setting) and try to call agents selected there if they are available, etc.

You can achieve all kinds of use cases and processes with such cascading queues.

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