Calls get queued but agent softphones don't ring

If you call one of your hotline numbers and the call gets queued, but the agent softphones don't ring then here is the process to troubleshoot and isolate the cause:


1. open "Reporting > Logs" in a separate tab so that you can see exactly what happens in your test / sample call

2. after a call is queued, you will see in logs the attempts to select and then to ring agents, they will look something like this:

This means that an agent "Timo Friedl" is selected and prepared for calling. Then in the logs you will see attempts to ring that agent.


So if the above is visible in logs, but the agent's softphone (or other phone) does not ring, then usually that happens because the agent's phone is not reachable. Here are the most common reasons why that occurs:

A. the phone is not registered with a SIP account - usually you will see a message indicating that on the phone display or within the account settings for the particular SIP account

B. something on the particular agent's computer causes the issue, e.g. the softphone application is frozen or has an issue, the computer is out of working memory, etc.

C. the phone SIP account is registered but a problem in your network means that the phone is not reachable from outside. You can verify that this is the issue with a number of simple tests:

  • change the agent number to a mobile or landline and do the test call again (this will isolate the problem down to the softphone/SIP account)
  • turn off the agent phone device and make sure the SIP account is no longer used, then use the SIP account in a softphone but not through your network, i.e. make sure the agent is on a device connected to the internet over GSM mobile data (this will isolate the issue down to your network or your internet service provider)


Problems A and B are obviously easily sorted by re-registering the account, restarting the softphone / phone device or the computer. 

For fixing problem C, check out the following articles on this topic. They will help you or your system admin to get your network optimised for VoIP/SIP:

How to set up your network for babelforce VoIP / SIP

Connecting Phones via SIP - Technical details and requirements

Note: if you have bought a supported softphone provisioned by babelforce, then we can help you troubleshoot. If it is a non-supported softphone, then you will need to isolate the issue yourself. If it is a network issue, then you will need to get a network engineer or system admin to fix the issue(s). It is a good idea in any case, to have your network optimised for VoIP / IP telephony. With the supported softphones from us, we can help you and your IT staff or contractors to isolate where the problems are.




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