Release: 3rd March 2015


The release on March 3rd 2015 will include the following updates:


1. The "Reporting > Calls" view will change to include and show more information on each call "leg". So inbound and outbound legs will continue to be differentiated, in addition you will see whether a call leg has an external call party or not, and whether a call involves a queue or not (i.e. in the latter case the call is started through the API).

The filters on this Reporting view have also been updated to include the new information.

2. The set of expressions available for triggers has been updated to include the following new ones:

call.domain - can be "internal" or "external"

call.domain.internal - true or false

call.domain.external - true or false

call.source - "queue" or "api" evaluates to the name in Zendesk when an end-user lookup has returned a valid response is the ID of such an end-user is the email address of such an end-user

3. It is now possible to do more with the event "Outbound Call". For example, you can use the call.domain and call.source expressions above to do things like Lookup enduser, Create Ticket, Update Ticket Push Ticket on event "Outbound Call". Note that there are actually 2 outbound calls for a call started through the API, e.g. from babelConnect, so it is necessary to trigger for call.domain.external to do ticket actions just on the outbound leg to the external call party (the callee in this case).

IMPORTANT: once you start using the Outbound Call event, you need to review your triggers on other existing events. For example, the two legs of an outbound call will also generate "Call bridged" and "Call finished" events, so you could end up firing other actions that were originally meant for inbound calls that get bridged to agents.

4. The agent experience app in Applications has been updated to allow you to specify a delay in which audio signal to the agent is played when they take the call. If you set it to zero and if bridging occurs in the usual very short timeframe then agents will hear no special audio. Note that it is set to 1 second by default now because the majority of customers playing a chime/ping/tone to agents play an a very short audio file in the first second.

5. Each DIALER event in Reporting > Logs includes the caller's number to make it easier to see what happens in tests with several calls


6. Some minor UI updates: The form for adding or editing a Zendesk Integration, i.e. the credentials, has been improved a bit. The small issue in Prompts view, where an uploaded prompt filename appeared twice in the display has been fixed.



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