Working with agent presence in babelforce

With babelforce you can manage agent presence (whether or not they are available to take calls) in many ways, and you can also create as many presence options as you wish (see the article on global settings for more details).

Agent presence shows if agents are ready to take calls or if they are occupied. babelforce comes with the two basic presence options by default: Available and Busy. The platform will only try to connect calls to an agent if the agent is available.

This article introduces four different ways to manipulate and monitor agent presence.

  1. via babelforce API
  2. with babelConnect
  3. in the Agent view in the babelforce Manager app
  4. on the Dashboard

1. Using the babelforce API

You can use an application that accesses our API to share and change availability. This is not an out-of-the-box feature but it needs to be set up by your technical staff. However, deciding to go for this option offers you great flexibility and you can set it up to fit your needs. Read more on this topic in the section API Power > Agents.

2. Using babelConnect

We also offer an out-of-the-box solution to manipulate agent availability. The babelConnect App is available as

All three apps offer the same functionality.

Presence can be selected in the top right corner individually by the user. Whenever agents change their presence to "Available", they are ready to take calls.

Whenever leaving the work space, agents must change their presence state. If they stay on available, babelforce will forward calls to them even if the computer is switched off.


Besides this local setting, team leaders also have the ability to monitor and change agent availability.

Option 3 can be found in the babelforce Manager app under Routing & Queuing > Agents. You have a list of all agents created in your babelforce account. There are two columns to the right: Line Status and Presence (The latter one is the Presence status).

Let's briefly explain the difference:

Line Status is automatically set by the babelforce platform, It indicates if the agent is in a call, unreachable, etc. (you can set the time an agent stays in certain "Line" statuses in general settings) but you do not have direct influence on this status.

Presence you can choose if an agent is ready to take a call or not. Perhaps they went out for lunch and therefore cannot take calls, but forgot to change the status themselves.


4. The Dashboard

Every person with access to the babelforce Manager app can also log into the babelforce dashboard (please keep in mind to use the URL of the territory your platform is located in). On the dashboard, you can easily monitor which agent is available. You can also see who is taking calls in the Current call activity section.



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