How are calls routed through IVR and queue?


The diagram below summarises the automated call-handling available in a standard babelPro account. Smaller contact center teams or sub-groups within larger teams usually configure their IVR using this set of apps or modules.

The core call handling is as follows: 

  1. If agents are available, then welcome the caller and put the person almost immediately through to the agent
  2. If agents are not available, then offer an alternative to allow the caller to leave information, e.g. request a call back or leave a voicemail

In addition, there is the ability to activate a module to allow callers to opt-out of call recording. This is to allow you to be compliant in certain territories.

When a call lands in the agent queue all phones of available agents ring until one agent takes the call. If you integrated babelforce with a helpdesk, then the agent who answers the incoming call will receive a call ticket at the same time.


If you require a different call-handling (e.g. IVR menus that influence routing, group and/or skill-based routing to agents and/or web to call center integration, ...) feel free to try these as well. babelforce is a completely programmable contact and service solution: if you can imagine it, you can do it :-)


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