Call overflow during or outside business hours

You can redirect calls to another number where your calls are taken when your team is busy or a caller reaches you outside of your business hours. It is easy to set that up in babelforce.

First, set up a new agent that could look something like this:

Now you need to decide how your overflow process should look like. There are many option, you need to decide which process fits your business model, best. Here we want to introduce two possibilities.

1.: create a separate overflow queue and connect it to your main call queue

2.: Work in your main call flow queue with priorities

  1. Overflow use case:

Create a new queue at 'My Settings' > 'Queues' that you could call "Overflow Queue". Add the new agent to the queue. The queue selection would be very simple: just always call the "Overflow Agent" in our example. You can of course add as many overflow agents as you want.

This overflow service queue can now be used in any call flow application in order to route with trigger-based conditions for business hours, holiday or availability. E.g., you could forward calls to your overflow queue if all your agents in your main queue are busy. Or you could forward calls to the overflow queue if the call wasn't answered within a certain time frame. In other words, you can use the overflow agent instead of a callback request or voicemail.

  1. Working with priorities:

Add the overflow agent to the main call queue but make sure to set up a prioritization, e.g. the overflow agent could be the last to take the call if none of your internal agents were available. This can be achieved by adding tags or creating a new group. Find more details for prioritizing calls here.

Be aware, if you only add one overflow agent, your outsourcing partner will only be able to take one call at the time.



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