API now supports agent or user availability status

With the babelforce API, you can now add functionality to any application to allow users to update and manage their availability.

For example, in your CRM system you can allow salespeople to change their availability for receiving inbound calls, emails, SMS, chats, assignments directly within the interface they use all the time. The great thing is that this availability status can then be used across all channels and even across any telephone number that the staff member uses.

Here is an example of how both the telephone number where a user is available and the availability status looks in the Zendesk interface:

Each function visiable in the above screenshot is implemented in the background using the babelforce API - so you can recreate this and combine it with your features in any system: CRM,ticketing, business apps, mobile or tablet apps, ...

To use the API, you just need to have a babelforce account. You can register for free here: services.babelforce.com At the moment, you'll need to request API access after your registration by emailing us at support@babelforce.com

We can't wait to see what you create! 


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