Creating more complex agent selections

Let's assume that you have already created and tested a simple agent selection and tested it by making a call that routes to that queue. If you haven't, check out these article on adding groups and tags to agents and on call queue settings.

Now we'll add a selection that uses a trigger to check if the caller is calling from a German phone and then selects agents who are tagged as speaking German. The tag in this case is "de-de".

Here are the agents who have been prepared like that:

As you can see both Annie and James are in the Group "General Services" but only one of them, namely James, also speaks German.

Here is what the new selection looks like while we are adding it:

Now comes the bit where you really need to think about the interplay of all active selections. We have two so far:

If we do a test call now with the above selections and settings and the call is from a German phone number, then from top the bottom the selections will be evaluated, the first trigger "Always" is true always, so all agents in the group "General Service" will be put into our current selection. Even though the second selection to choose DE agents is "Enabled" the "Continue on match" on the first selection is "x", i.e. off. So the process will stop and we'll just choose the agents from General Services.

So all of the following matter when evaluating selections: order in the list, whether enabled or not, whether continue on match is on or off and which agents are added to the selection.

Now let's change the settings to be like the following - note we added the group "General Services" to the selection as well as the tag "de-de" and we changed the order of the selection entries in the list:

This has a very different outcome: If someone calls from a German phone, then the trigger in the first selection will be true, so agents in the group "General Services" who ALSO are tagged as speaking German "de-de" will be selected. We won't continue on match. So our queue will try to call agents who speak German and are in the group we want.

But also very important, if the call is from Holland, then the first one doesn't get used and we continue to the second one. So we can be sure that we will do something sensible with the call, i.e. we will select agents from the broader General Services group. Here is where the "Always" trigger is really useful to define the fallback situation.

This illustrate an important principle in the ordering of selections: from more specific to less specific.


Finally, if we now leave everything as above but make the first selection entry "continue on match". Then we would also decide to select from among all of the agents in General Services. This is because, we add the selected agents as we go down the list. This method can be used to build up a selection using a set of triggers.










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