Release: 3rd March 2014

Last night (CET), on Wed 3rd March, the latest babelforce release went into production. Here's a summary of the features:

Enable/Disable SMS inbound number:

It is now possible to enable an inbound SMS number - you first need to request the number from babelforce. Then in "My Products > Overview" you will see "check (enabled) / cross (disabled)" switch next to the number to allow or disallow use of the number for receiving SMS.

Tickets in Zendesk for inbound SMS:

Inbound SMS are automatically used to create tickets in the Zendesk integration

Tag when caller number is hidden:

The tagging of Zendesk tickets for call events has been updated to include "call_anonymous". This is to allow you to create your own process in Zendesk to respect when caller's numbers are hidden. NOTE: in many territories there are regulations and guidelines around the handling of hidden numbers. We want to make sure that you can be compliant. In addition, even where it is not strictly a compliance requirement, people who have hidden their number will, of course, have certain expectations of how it is handled.

Switch language of default audio prompts:

A new account free trial account can have it's default prompts switched from English to German using one click.

Easier access to the prompt recording sheets:

Each IVR phone app now includes a link to bring you quickly to the location of the set of prompt recording sheets and samples of audio files.

The release also includes a substantial update to the babelConnect Zendesk app. This app is available only as a private distribution for beta evaluation at present. Let us know if you want to evaluate it. 

The app release includes the following:

1. "Display as" numbers are prepopulated in a dropdown list to offer both the main landing pad number in your babelforce account and your current agent number. Internal +999 babelforce agent numbers are excluded (i.e. to avoid confusion since the numbers cannot be called from the public telephone network anyway)

2. "Call to" and "Send to" numbers are populated automatically in more contexts in Zendesk

3. The UI elements for to allow the agent to "Synch my number" and to update availability status have been improved - well, you guys can be the judge of that ;-)

4. The UI elements to allow you to control whether outbound calls or outbound SMS create "new ticket", "update a ticket" or create "no ticket" have been completely overhauled. Let us know what you think.

5. There are new mechanisms to prevent the appearance that the app is constantly "polling/waiting". Now it should be open with an active tab in more contexts. Note that the app is actually generally there and not updating, it just appears sometimes to be. So if you see that just click on a tab and you'll see that it is ready to use.

6. SMS text now persists in the text field until you take an action that changes the context. So for example, you could write an SMS text and then visit another tab in the app and come back and the text will still be there. Previously it was disappearing.

We look forward to your feedback on the latest features!


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