All dialer call outcomes and what they mean

Katrin Geske
Katrin Geske
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Below, you find a list of all call outcomes

no_answer Agent-defined status
disconnected_number Agent-Defined Disconnected number
busy Agent-defined Busy signal
callback  Callback, both scheduled and non-scheduled
answering_machine Agent-defined Answering Machine
not_interested Agent-defined status
do_not_call Agent-defined status 
sale Sale Made - Agent-defined status
new New Lead - Lead has not been called, or cannot be called
callback_hold Scheduled ANYONE callback that has not hit it's trigger, or an AGENTONLY callback
answering_machine_auto Dialer-defined Answering Machine-
answering_machine_auto Answering Machine Msg Played - AMD(Answering Machine Detection) call sent to a message and message has been played
answering_machine_auto Answering Machine Sent to Mesg - AMD(Answering Machine Detection) call sent to a message to be played
busy_auto Carrier-received Busy signal
no_answer_auto Any outbound call that does not receive an Answer signal(or other signal) from the carrier. This can include ring-no-answer, disconnected, carrier congestion and other errors
disconnected_number_auto Disconnected Number Auto - Carrier-received Disconnected number-
disconnected_number_auto Carrier-received Congestion(19,21,34,38)
dropped Agent Not Available - Call was dropped while customer was waiting for an agent/ droppedPre-routing dropped call, call hung up the instant the Answer signal is received
in_call  Lead Being Called - Agent is talking to the lead
unknown There is no known reason of the lead's status
picked_up Call Picked Up - Status that a call is changed to as soon as the carrier has sent the Answer signal and before the call is sent on to an agent
agent_error An agent has closed their browser before dispositioning a lead--
not_viable Outbound Local Channel Resolution Error - carrier was unable to connect the call
queued Lead To Be Called - Lead is about to be sent to an agent--
dispo Agent in disposition screen when they closed their web browser without selecting disposition

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