Migrating to the new babelConnect on Zendesk - how and why

Parul Pal
Parul Pal
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In order to ensure the highest standard of quality and to improve on design and functionality, we decided to publish a new version of our agent product babelConnect. This new version is more user friendly, it keeps the known features of the old version, but also brings new functionalities.

What you need to know:

  • Mangers can decide which phone numbers are presented to the agent
  • The chat view:
    • It been extended for messages.
    • Viewing chat history and adding a new message are now shown in one tab
    • The calls history is shown in a separate tab
  • Recordings are not being shown in the bC app anymore for compliance reasons.
  • Call transfer is working reliably, fixing some of the issues that were present in the old app and it will also offer our conferencing tool which will be coming up soon.

NOTE: You don't need to disable the old babelConnect version while installing the new one. Once all your agents are migrated to the new babelConnect, you can go ahead and disable and then uninstall the older version of babelConnect.

Please find the steps on how to install the new babelConnect (bC2) here

  • Please note that in the new babelConnect application you will have to assign tags to the number and agents. If this step is not carried out the agents will not be able to make outbound calls in babelConnect. The steps to assign tags are mentioned in this article here 


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