How to add an agent and request password

When an agent is added in babelforce, that agent and the user email address added for it has to get a password to access the account with the role of an agent. 

First note that there are two ways for an agent to be added:

  1. You can add an "internal" agent, by just going to Agents view in babelforce and use the "Add agent" button under Routing & Queuing > Agents
  2. You can import / sync agents from another source system, e.g. from a helpdesk solution or from a CRM (this article explains it with the example of a Freshdesk integration, however, it is the same progress regardless of the helpdesk you use)

Note that in either case, you can work with integrated systems, the choice just depends on how the integrations work and what is supported for the integrated system.

Whatever method is used, first the user/agent has to get access. In this article, we will illustrate using the first method for adding an agent directly in babelforce. Such agents are given the label "internal".

Here is a video that explains the entire process and also how that agents get their password:



And here is an outline of the steps involved:

 Step 1: manager adds agent in babelforce

Only two values are required: a name and an email that the agent can use


Step 2: The agent confirms the email using the line in invite


Step 3: The agent requests password change to set their own from babelConnect

There are multiple ways to access babelConnect (the agent app). Any of these will generally work for you to request (re-)setting your password.

Directly as standalone app in browser: 


Use the location you know from your babelforce services. Find out more about the available babelforce territories here.


In babelConnect Chrome extension.

Get it in Chrome extension store

Learn more about installation and configuration of babelConnect chrome extension




Embedded app / iframe

If you have embedded one of our apps as an iframe or inside a wrapper app for another product, then you can access the same password (re-)set button there.



When you press "I forgot my password", you will be directed to a new browser page to confirm you wish to "Reset password" for a particular email address.


Make sure to enter the email address of the agent/user that was invited and then press "Reset my password"

You will receive an email something like this:




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