101.2 - Use conditional trigger

On babelforce triggers are used to define the conditions to check before carrying out some action. Understanding triggers on babelforce is one of the key building blocks.

What you need for this:

1. the simple setup of the event-to-action from 101.1, i.e. event "inbound call" that uses "send email" action

2. that's it


We will adapt the 101.1 flow to only send the email if the call is from your mobile number

Let's say your mobile phone number is 44790512345678 including the international code, in this example 44 for the UK. 

Go to "Integrated processes > Triggers" on babelforce and create a new trigger, give it a name choose to match all conditions.

Now add your conditions. Actually we will just add one condition to test if the caller's number is equal to your mobile number. The trigger will look like this when you are finished:


Note that "Call From: number" is the nice (friendly) name for the placeholder/expression {call.from.number} that we used in our send email action in 101.1

If we now select this trigger in our event from 101.1, it will look like this:



Now do your test call to your inbound number (you'll see it under "IVR call-flows > Numbers"). If you call from your mobile phone, then the email will be sent. If you call from another phone, then no email will be sent.

You can learn more about triggers here and specific triggers are also explained in lots of articles on particular topics.




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