Release: 4th July 2017

Improvements to real-time dashboard


This release includes a number of improvements to the babelforce real-time monitoring and wall board dashboards. Most of our customers use these dashboards to create different real-time views on call center and agent availability metrics and to display these on large screens or wallboards.

Filter using dialed number in doughnut charts. Many customers create custom views where various report widgets are specialised to only show certain types of calls. To enable more flexibility in the creation of these views, we have extended the doughnut charts to allow for filtering based on the number dialed. This means that if you have specific numbers linked to a function (sales) or a brand (mybrand), then you can have reports that are only for calls for "sales" or "mybrand".

Time zones are now added to the metrics API, this allows use of relative ranges like "TODAY" or "YESTERDAY" in any time zone, which means that it is not necessary to specify absolute ranges for any variance from UTC.

Agents right now widget now has corrected measure of agents who are enabled or disabled at any time which is one of the key availability or presence metrics to monitor.



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