Release: 12th Sep 2017


Select agent for transfer from within babelConnect

As well as supporting transfers of all kinds directly from any softphone or phone device connected directly to babelforce, we now support selection of a colleague (another agent or user) from within the babelConnect app in your browser. All agents in a babelforce account will appear within the selection list. Once an employee is in a call, they can select a contact to transfer to like this:


Enable an IVR app as a transfer target

To make a particular app in your IVR available as a transfer target, just open that app and give it a tag "transfer" and then enter a friendly name so that it will be easy for agents to find it and select it:


Then the transfer target "callqueue" will appear in babelConnect for agents like this:


Enter a number to transfer to in babelConnect

To transfer to any public telephone number, the agent simply types or pastes a number into the field. It will then look like this:



NOTE: All blind transfer or direct transfer and warm transfer, attended transfer or consultative transfer capabilities are available directly on softphones and phones connected to the babelforce platform as before. This release enhances the ways to access transfer capability from within babelConnect and will work both when embedded inside your CRM or Helpdesk or other web application, and also when you use babelConnect from within the Chrome Browser Extension (available from here).

New event available for call transferred

There are events now available on the platform to allow you to create actions on any API based on a call being transferred. For example, if you want to send a simultaneous update to a ticket, task, contact, opportunity, account or other object in a CRM or Helpdesk or other system, then you can trigger the action on the API based on the babelforce call.transferred event. It appears as follows in babelforce Event Triggers view:


Agent activity and other statuses available in real-time in babelConnect

Agents who are in an active outbound campaign inside babelConnect can see real-time stats on number of agents currently waiting for calls, paused, in call, and the number of outbound call attempts ringing within the same campaign. This is a feature requested to give agents real-time information so that while they are waiting for a call, they can see that there are calls being placed and also whether their colleagues are also available or not for the calls.

Call finish reasons, call states and source of call legs are now available in Call Reporting download

Each entry for a call leg now contains the value of source=queue or API or dialer, domain= internal or external (i.e. whether call leg involves an external party or only an internal party, otherwise known as agent) and the finish reason, for example, passive hangup or system hangup. 

These are useful if you wish to do some additional analysis of call legs.

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