Using the babelConnect Chrome extension in Freshdesk

With babelforce's extension for the Google Chrome browser, your agents can click on contact's phone numbers to call them, send SMS, record calls, see view incoming calls. This article will show you how to get started. 


Click here to view the extension in the Chrome Web Store. Click 'Add to Chrome' and the extension will be installed automatically. That's it!



There are a few settings which can be configured. Either visit chrome://extensions or find it in Chrome's settings options in the right hand corner:


This will bring you to the Extensions management page, where you should find your newly installed babelConnect Chrome extension. Locate it and click on Options to bring up a menu of settings. Here you can choose:

  • where the extension should appear
  • which region you are using it in
  • whether or not immediate click-to-call is enabled 


In Freshdesk

You should see that the extension's toolbar icon has appeared in the top-right hand corner of the browser, to the right of the search bar. If the icon is grey and black, click on it to activate. You should now see the extension toggle button appear on the page in the place you specified in the settings:


Click on this toggle button to open up babelConnect. Here you and your agents can use their babelforce user credentials to log into babelConnect. Once this is done, head over to the Contacts list overview in your Freshdesk. If contacts have phone numbers assigned, you should see that these numbers have been highlighted:


If numbers are highlighted, your users can click on them to immediately call that number using the device configured in your babelforce account. In order to ensure that click-to-call works, ensure that:

  • your agents can make normal outbound calls, i.e. by entering a number into babelConnect manually and clicking 'Call'. For this you will need to have an inbound number in your babelforce account (under IVR call-flows > Numbers), and to make sure that agents have valid numbers assigned (under Routing & Queuing > Agents)
  • the 'Start call immediately on click?' checkbox is checked in the extension's settings (see Settings above)

If this is in place, clicking the highlighted numbers will trigger a call task to the user's assigned device and for the call to be presented on babelConnect. Once the call has been accepted on the device, the outbound call will start to the contact. For more information, feel free to read this article.


babelConnect will now stay open wherever you navigate to in Freshdesk (or across the web!) and you can make use of all features at any time. Use the SMS tab to send messages, the advanced call controls to manage recordings, or have your agents perform automated outbound campaigns.

Any inbound calls that users receive are also immediately displayed in babelConnect, showing the caller's information. 




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